The Process

As shown below, the OxSRFI is at an early stage in the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) process.

This consultation exhibition forms part of a first stage of community consultation, and will feed into the range of ongoing technical work which is referred to and described in the information presented today. An important part of this initial, pre-application stage is receiving input from local people as well as a range of statutory and other consultees and bodies.

A second, statutory consultation stage is being planned for Winter 2022/23 by which time we will have progressed with the ongoing Environmental Impact Assessment, and will be able to consult on our conclusions regarding likely effects of the proposals. That will include a fuller picture of the highways impacts of the proposals, including the Junction 10 improvements and the Ardley Bypass, Heyford Park Link Road and Middleton Stoney Relief Road. On completion of the transport modelling we will also be able to undertake the detailed air quality and noise assessments.

At present we do not know when the final application will be formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, but expect this to be during early 2023.

The SRFI Application Process

There is a defined process and timetable for the later stages of the process which is led by the Planning Inspectorate – advice from the Inspectorate is set out below (and available on their website)

Look out for information in local media and in the public places near the location of the proposed project, such as your library. The developer will be developing their proposals and will consult widely.

Once submitted, the Inspectorate, on behalf of the Secretary of State, has 28 days to decide whether the application meets the required standard to proceed to examination including whether the developer’s consultation has been adequate.

You can then register as an interested party; you will be kept informed of progress and opportunities to put your case. Inspectors will hold a Preliminary Meeting and set the timetable for examination.

You will be able to send in your comments to the Planning Inspectorate in writing. You can request to speak at a public hearing. The Inspectorate has 6 months to carry out the examination.

A recommendation to the Secretary of State for Transport will be issued by the Inspectorate within 3 months of the end of the Examination. The Secretary of State then has a further 3 months to issue a decision on the proposal.


June 2021

Submission of Scoping Report


Late July 2021

Scoping Opinion Issued by Pins


March/April 2022

Consult with Local Authorities on Statement of Community Consultation


May – July 2022

Stage One (non-statutory) consultation


Summer 2022

Consideration of consultation responses and evolution of scheme


Winter 2022/2023

Stage 2 (statutory) consultation


Late 2022/Early 2023

Consideration of consultation responses and scheme fix


Early 2023

Application submission


Spring/Summer 2023


Spring/Summer 2024